NewVo Beauty Recommends Pureology As Cancer-Preventing Hair Products

On March 4, Sara Greenstone, a representative from NewVo Elegance, comments on an post published by Fox Information explaining that numerous cancer-creating components are discovered in hair and physique care goods.

According to Fox Information, February is Nationwide Most cancers Avoidance Month. The Nationwide Most cancers Institute approximated that 1 in two grownups will get cancer at some point in their lifetime. Many of the cancer creating goods are utilized for the skin and hair, but there are ways to stop it, Fox Information reports.

The Environmental Operating Group, according to Fox Information, said that the components to avoid when choosing hair or physique goods are parabens, formaldehyde and petroleum distillates.

Greenstone said numerous shampoos contain parabens. Parabens are chemical substances often present in shampoo and hair remedies that have been linked to trigger cancer, she said. There are some hair brand names that make sulfate and paraben free goods, like Pureology. When you use all-natural goods, your hair feels better and you are avoiding harsh chemical substances that can trigger cancer. Its a win-win!

Greenstone said numerous Brazilianraightening remedies and keratin processes use formaldehyde which is also a main cancer-creating component in a lot of straightening remedies. Nevertheless, Some goods like the Keratin Complicated shampoos and remedies are formaldehyde free. Greenstone advised these who are trying to avoid cancer-creating goods to look at the components before buying.

Occasionally individuals look at a item and see the phrase all all-natural, she said. Nevertheless, that doesnt always mean that there arent chemical substances in there that could be dangerous to your physique. Its always important to look at the components, so you can be certain that the goods are safe and do not have these 3 cancer-creating components in them. Only then can you stop cancer.

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